Guide to Establishing and Achieving Measurable Revitalization Goals


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This report provides a guide on how to establish and achieve measurable revitalization goals, based on the author’s experiences, for communities suffering from population and economic decline. To read the report click: Guide to Establishing and Achieving Revitalization

Recent State Militia Emergency and Disaster Deployments 2017-2018


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This report is an analysis of recent governor activation of state militias in five states during emergencies and disasters, and provides examples of how contemporary state militias are being deployed. Click:Recent State Guard Emergency and Disaster Deployments

LERTA 2017: Exanples of the Application of the Pennsylvania Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Act [LERTA] During 2017


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Since its enactment in 1997 Pennsylvania’s Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Act [LERTA] has become the most widely used local economic development incentive in the Commonwealth. This report lists some examples of how LERTA was used during the programs fortieth anniversary year in 2017.

Click:LERTA 2017

NEWS–Applied Government Studies Report on Regulatory Reform Tops Web Search Results After Presidential Executive Order Signed


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NEWS: Applied Government Studies Center
Immediate Release

Regulatory Reform Report Published by Applied Government Studies Center Soars to Top Search Engine Result

A report that chronicles a three year delay in an industrial development project caused by regulatory agency reliance on  consultants, and recommends the prohibition on hiring regulatory consultants, became popular reading after a Presidential executive order curtailing regulatory consultant contracts. It has been consistently a top search engine result since the administration’s announcement.

The report “How to Defeat and Reform the Regulatory Bureaucracy and Create Shovel Ready Projects” was published by the Center in 2014. Additional recommendations on reforming and defeating regulatory bureaucracy are also included in the report.

The full report can be found at the Center’s web site

Central Business District Retail Clustering Analysis Using North American Industrial Classification System [NACIS] Codes


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Utilizing NACIS codes to determine business clustering opportunities is a simple and effective analytical tool used by the author in numerous business district revitalization studies. Click:NACIS Clustering

Model Community Emergency Response Team [CERT] Organization Chart and Training for Effective Operations


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model-community-emergency-response-team Click for recommendations on CERT organization and training for effective emergency and disaster operations when emergency first responders are temporarily unable to respond on scene.

How to Defeat and Reform the Regulatory Bureaucracy and Create Shovel Ready Projects


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Click for recommendations, based on author’s real estate development experience, on how to defeat and reform regulatory bureaucracy to stimulate economic development and make US businesses more globally competitive. Click

US Small Business Development Center Program: A Critical Critique


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US Small Business Development Center Program: Critical Critique. Click for a report on why this government program should be eliminated or reformed.


Notes on Organizing and Commanding a State Guard Infantry Company


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Click here for notes, observations, comments and suggestions on organizing and commanding a state guard infantry company based on author’s experiences.


News Release–Call For Studies


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Call for Applied Government Studies

Immediate Release

June 5, 2014

717 383 6502

The Applied Government Studies Center invites reports for publication with practical application to government administration or policy making at any level of government, civilian or military. Case studies, cost/benefit analysis, correlation analysis, operations research reports and related studies are welcomed.

The Applied Government Studies Center is an independent non-affiliated non-partisan website depository of selected government administration studies and reports, within the United States and international.

There are no style or format requirements, however reports should be written in English, be brief, clear, concise and have practical application to public administrators or policy makers.

The reports must not have been previously published in general public circulation. Previously published articles may be linked on the Center website with a summary introduction. There is no requirement for copyright transfer to the Center.

Reports must include a statement that the conclusions or opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Applied Government Studies Center.

Report findings or conclusions may be released to the news media with author’s consent.

Reports or link request must be sent electronically to Suitability for publication will be determined by the Center Director.