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Call for Applied Government Studies

Immediate Release

June 5, 2014

717 383 6502

The Applied Government Studies Center invites reports for publication with practical application to government administration or policy making at any level of government, civilian or military. Case studies, cost/benefit analysis, correlation analysis, operations research reports and related studies are welcomed.

The Applied Government Studies Center is an independent non-affiliated non-partisan website depository of selected government administration studies and reports, within the United States and international.

There are no style or format requirements, however reports should be written in English, be brief, clear, concise and have practical application to public administrators or policy makers.

The reports must not have been previously published in general public circulation. Previously published articles may be linked on the Center website with a summary introduction. There is no requirement for copyright transfer to the Center.

Reports must include a statement that the conclusions or opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Applied Government Studies Center.

Report findings or conclusions may be released to the news media with author’s consent.

Reports or link request must be sent electronically to Suitability for publication will be determined by the Center Director.


Study Finds That $220M SBA Program Can End Without Impact on Business


Study Finds That $220M SBA Program Can End Without Impact on Business


July 7, 2013

Charles Blankenship

717 383 6502

A recent study from the Applied Government Studies Center found that the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Development Center program could be terminated without impact on the economy and save federal and state tax payers more than $220,000,000 annually.

According to the report the SBDC program provides government funded subsidies to colleges and universities to supply free counseling to small business owners.

Charles Blankenship, the report’s author, said “the SBDC program duplicates other sources of free small business counseling that receive no federal subsidy such as SCORE, local economic development agencies and chambers of commerce”. “Also an almost uncountable list of other government funded business assistance will still be available if the SBDC programs ends”, Blankenship added.

The report recommends changing the grant payment structure to be based on meaningful economic impact, such as job creation, rather than the current emphasis on counseling hours if the program is not terminated.

A copy of the report “U.S. Small Business Development Center Program: A Critical Critique” can be found at the Applied Government Studies Center web site

Check List for Early Retirement of Tax Increment Financing Projects



Check List for Early Termination of Tax Increment Financing Projects.

A highly successful TIF project could generate more tax revenue, or achieve lower improvement costs, than originally planned. In that fortunate event an early termination of the TIF district is required. Click above for a check list to follow when terminating a TIF project early.


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